Working in an office – the reality

As one of the leading office and commercial fit out main contractors we produce schemes for all kinds of offices and work spaces. From fun, quirky, Google-style creative spaces to more corporate straight-laced, suited and booted environments. The one thing they all have in common? The People. Whenever you have a group of people spending eight hours a day, every day together you get a recurring set of habits.

We’re going to take a look at the reality of working in an office environment and some of the things you could expect to see. Do any of these sound familiar?

Tea Politics

The most British of problems, the tea round is a minefield.  Be careful how loudly you say the ‘T’ word as you might get roped in to spending the next 30 minutes brewing for everyone within earshot.  What’s more, there are so many different tea combinations now will you ever be able to remember them all.

If you are not a tea drinker it’s best to stay quiet. As controversial and polarising as Brexit, not drinking tea will have you justifying your life choices to your colleagues and risking acceptance in to the group. Never underestimate the importance of tea in a British office.

Air Conditioning Wars

The most passive-aggressive of all Cold Wars is control over the thermostat. There is no pleasing everyone; this is just fact when it comes to office temperature. In older offices you would see huge climate changes between departments, while accounts would be sweltering in tropical heat, sales would be cowering under blankets.

Thankfully now with modern air conditioning systems and zone control, you see a much more balanced temperature across the office.


Egg sandwiches, Tuna pasta bake and last night’s left over vindaloo – these are just some of the lunch time treats which are best to enjoy outside of the office. Recent research showed that smelly lunches, were among the biggest bugbear of office workers in the UK. If you are using the office microwave to heat up left overs, try to be considerate, especially if you are planning on eating at your desk.

Many office spaces now cater for their staff to stay in the office by providing a kitchen and dining area separate from the work space; there is even an increase in employers banning food at desks.


A social minefield, office birthdays can be a real source of anxiety for some people. Who buys the cake? Who is responsible for the gift? The card lands on your desk addressed to someone in the warehouse who you’ve never met and not wanting to appear miserly you scrabble around for a contribution towards the gift. You thrust your hand deep into the envelope to disguise the jangle of the handful of shrapnel you’ve just deposited. Unfortunately this is the kind of social event that no amount of clever office design can solve, so you’re on your own here.


Part of work life is moaning. According to a poll it has been estimated that the average office worker spends the equivalent of two weeks per year moaning about anything and everything. Everyone enjoys airing their gripes and grievances, but two weeks is a lot of time to be doing so. Common topics to moan about are things like receiving calls at the very end of the day, IT issues, printer issues and the commute.

At Asset Office Interiors we can’t stop people having smelly lunches and we certainly can’t do anything about the tea round, but what we can do, is provide modern and dynamic work spaces in which employees can fight over the air conditioning, moan about their computers and eat their smelly lunches in.

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