What to do with your old office furniture

So, you’re redesigning and re configuring your office to make sure your staff are comfortable and productive and have everything they need to work efficiently and effectively? This means getting rid of your unwanted furniture and accessories and that suspiciously stained microwave in the kitchen that hasn’t worked properly for a couple of years.

You’ve acquired things over a number of years, some of it is fairly new, some not so much and some of it has sentimental value. But what do you do with it all? We have a few ideas for you.

Sell it

That’s right. If it’s in reasonably good condition you could probably get a decent price for it. People are always looking for office equipment for home offices or smaller workspaces than yours. You can sell it to a local office furniture store or even a second hand shop or if you’re feeling particularly thrifty and patient pop it onto Facebook Marketplace, EBay or Gum Tree – just make sure you make it clear the buyer is responsible for picking it up.

Selling your furniture might even help fund a portion of your office refurb so it’s well worth looking in to.


If you don’t want to sell or can’t deal with the admin and hassle it could cause, why not consider donating it. There are a number of charity organisations who will take office furniture as a donation. They might charge you for pickup if you can’t deliver yourself but this is usually a nominal fee. Failing that you could shout about it on social media and encourage charities, schools or other not-for-profit organisations to get in touch. It’s good PR and you solve your problem.


Just because some of your furniture isn’t right for your new office, doesn’t mean that it is of no use at all. If you have the time and inclination you could repurpose the furniture for your own use. Maybe you want to create a small home office you could simply add a lick of paint to a piece of furniture to give it a whole new lease of life in a new environment. You could even upcycle pieces so that they will fit with your new office décor – this will save you money on buying all new furniture.


If you are not able to do any of the above or if the furniture is in an unsalvageable state it’s sometimes just best to say thank you and farewell. If you get in touch with your local council they will be able to help you to dispose of your assets responsibly. They can also arrange to pick up the furniture, although they will probably charge you for the luxury.

Disposing of your assets should be the last resort – there are almost always people looking for second hand furniture or cabinets so try and find a new use and you might make a few pounds back.

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