Welcoming Staff Back to work

For our team here at Asset Office Interiors the bounce back has started and we have been inundated with enquiries from businesses looking to find some sort of normality again. Many businesses are looking to welcome their staff back to work in some way over the next few weeks.

With big businesses announcing new ways of working such as flexible hours and other distancing strategies we have seen many of our existing clients and new clients looking to amend their work spaces in order to cater for this new way of working.

We’ve already looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic will have changed the way office spaces are formatted and how employees can remain safe when returning to work, but what about employers? How can you welcome your teams back to the office safely?

The key here will be planning and attention to detail. We take a look at a few things you’ll need to consider as you gear up to reopening your business.

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The lock down has been slowly easing for a few weeks now, and even though some small areas of England have been forced to reintroduce it due to localised outbreaks, on the whole things are looking positive. So it’s worth taking the time now to plan how your staff are going to return to the office safely and how to put their minds at rest.

When given the go ahead, workplace environments are going to have to adhere to some pretty stringent health and hygiene requirements, so it is important that you have measures already in place to minimise the risk of infection. Hand washing and sanitiser facilities will need to become a priority.

You might want to plan on having a limit on the number of people you have in the office at any one time, in order to improve their ability to socially distance from each other. You can help with distancing by reconfiguring the seating arrangements in the space and perhaps looking at deploying a one way system throughout your office.


If you have cleaners who come in to your office to clean on a regular basis, they will likely be well-versed in their responsibilities when it comes to distancing, PPE and maintaining high levels of hygiene. It is also worth making sure that all members of your team are familiar with new cleaning protocols and take responsibility for their workspace by keeping their desks clean and clear of clutter. It will be a good idea to provide anti-bacterial wipes for your employees to help with this.

These measures will help your employees feel more comfortable coming into a shared space again. During the lock down we have seen employers staying in touch with their staff using applications like Zoom to help keep team morale up, take advantage of these touch points in order to prepare everyone for their return.


Your office may be empty at the moment but soon enough it will be busy with people. Why not take this opportunity to make the changes to protect against the spread of infection. Once people are back in the office it will be much harder to work around them and maintain social distancing.

It may be a good idea to keep a supply of face masks, sanitiser, and gloves for those of your team who may forget or misplace their own.

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