Tips for working from Home

As you know we are huge advocates of talking about the benefits of a great office environment and how design and decor can really make a difference to productivity among your staff. After all, it’s our business to create fantastic work spaces for our clients and is what makes us one of the leading office fit out firms in the country.

However, due to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, many people, including our team have been forced to work from home for the foreseeable future in order to help slow the spread of this devastating virus.

Now really is the time to follow the advice provided by The Department of Public Health and the Government. Staying home will not only help to protect more vulnerable people but also help relieve the strain on the NHS.

So for those of you who might not be used to working from home, we have put some tips together to help you stay productive during this disruptive time.

Our WFH tips

Have a chat with your family or household and politely set some boundaries. Perhaps suggest that while you are in front of the computer, you are not to be interrupted. Otherwise, they’ll come and bug you many times.

Household Socialising
If there are other people in your household make sure you try and schedule regular breaks with each other. It can be lonely and boring working from home so take breaks every hour and go socialize with the rest of the household or your family for five minutes.

Working from home will dramatically cut down your commute time and therefore erase any walking you usually do in order to get to work. Make time in the day to have a stretch, walk around or do a light workout. If you have a garden, use it.

Delete Distractions
Do yourself a favour and put your phone away (unless you need to take calls), don’t even log in to any social media and avoid heading to news websites unless it is on your break. It is easy to find yourself in a social media blackhole and you can lose an hour before you’ve realised it.

Level Up
Try not to see this period as a holiday from your day to day work. If you find yourself dominating your workload and being able to finish early leave the TV off, don’t sit back and relax. Use this opportunity to do some professional development or learn a new skill.

Maintain your routine
Go to sleep early so you can wake up fresh, energized, and ready to start early. You’ll feel better for it and feel like you’re achieving something which will keep your motivation levels high. Lack of routine can be disruptive to your mental health so make sure you create and maintain a healthy one.

Don’t over-worry yourself about business decline. If you run your own business, you are likely to go through a tough time but it will get better, and if your employed, your employer and the government will have a contingency plan to keep you safe. Instead of worrying, channel your efforts into working hard and creating the groundwork for your future success.

Being stressed is counterproductive and won’t help you to get through this tricky period. If you feel stressed, step away from your desk and reset your brain for 10 minutes. Maybe do some light exercises or stretches, some sort of movement will definitely help you to feel better. Remember, you have more time to work online now so you’ll finish everything you have to do. Stay calm.

Get in Touch

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