Timing your Office refit

You often hear that timing is of the essence. It’s an age old catchphrase which resonates across all industries. When you are planning any kind of commercial you want it to impact your business as little as possible, so you need to make sure that you choose your time slot wisely.

Businesses tend to ebb and flow; you will know the trends of your business and when to expect a quieter period. We think that Christmas, and the lead up to it could be one of the best times to have work carried out on your work space.

Boost staff morale

Closing the office for a week can really help to boost your team’s morale. After a busy year, that awkward week around Christmas and New Year is often a dog fight of annual leave requests and resentment. You can solve this by shutting down for that week; then, when they return to their new office in the New Year they will quickly shake off the January blues and be back to full capacity in no time.

Savings to be made

This goes without saying, but having no staff around can save on HVAC bills. Also in some scenarios staff members may be entitled to a different pay tariff if they work over the holidays, so this can be avoided too. Shutting down over the Christmas period can also minimise the inevitable health and safety risks to your staff.

Minimise disruption

While millions of office workers save some of their annual leave for the Christmas period, if you choose to keep your office open it will need to be occupied. However this skeleton staff will be much more adaptable than your entire workforce. Having work carried out during the normal working week could distract your staff and make ‘business as usual’ a little trickier due to works noise and activity, even though we try to keep it at a minimum.

Trial Flexi

Advances in modern technology have made working in an office extremely flexible. Employees can work at hot desks, from conference rooms, on the train, or anywhere with a connection. If you are undertaking work on your office over the Christmas and don’t already offer up flexible working arrangements, maybe now is the time to trial it. Let your team work from home – they’ll be happy for the time at home and the exciting new way to work; and they’ll be out of the way!

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