Sustainability – How to future proof your office

So you are looking to refurbish your office but you don’t want to invest in technology which will be obsolete in six months and decor which will look out of date in 12!

As one of the leading commercial fit-out companies in the South of England we understand that one of the key considerations for modern businesses and their office space is sustainability. We are highly experienced in making sure that your newly designed office stands the test of time.

While it is good for your overall image and people love to work with other people who are taking strides to help the environment you will be doing your bit to reduce your impact on the environment. We have put together a list of things to consider when designing your new office environment to keep it fresh and sustainable.

Furniture Sourcing

One of the key parts of your office is your furniture – it can make or break your whole environment. Make sure you consider what kind of materials you want to incorporate into your office space and design the build around that. Try to use materials which are eco-friendly and innovative, manufacturers who use recycled materials to create their products.

Lighting System

The installation of energy saving or low wattage bulbs to light your office is just the start. Controlling your lighting with occupancy sensors and smart lighting systems can really reduce your energy usage and therefore, costs. Simply use sensors to collect occupancy data and adjust your smart lighting sensors.


This year we have had increased demand for bringing some greenery into our designs. With emphasis on well-being at work at an all-time high, strategically placing plants around the office can improve peoples’ moods as well as give an outward impression of green thinking. Plants also work as excellent air purifiers, improving the quality of the air in the office.

Waste Management

Try to identify how your waste is disposed of and make a feature out of recycling as much as possible. Whether you share an office building or are the sole occupant – if you can take control of your waste management you will create an eco-conscious environment which can quickly reduce your carbon footprint.

We should all be doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment and some simple design components can really make a difference. Smart lighting systems being one of the simplest ways of reducing your carbon footprint as well as your energy costs.

Plants and greenery in the office is also a low cost way of promoting your sustainability model to visitors and prospective employees.

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