How to Concentrate at work

Struggling to concentrate at work

Sometimes you just need to get your head down and complete a task. We are more than familiar with this, as one of the leading office fit out firms in the south east we have heavy workloads and sometimes we just need to lock ourselves away and concentrate on getting things done, especially at our head office in the planning stages of a project.

It turns out that we’re not the only ones – more than a third of UK office workers find it difficult to concentrate in an office environment. If you are thinking of making some changes to your office make sure you give us a call to go through your options. You can call us on 01344 303504 or email us.

Three’s a crowd

Open plan offices have been extremely popular over the last twenty years and for good reason. They promote collaborative work and help natural light travel throughout the space due to the rarity of walls. However, open plan offices are rife with distractions and can be detrimental to a persons’ productivity, especially if high levels of concentration are required. With people milling about on their day to day business many employees take to wearing headphones to drown out the noise and focus their attention on their work.

It’s all too easy to spot someone doing something across the office and to lose your train of thought; if you are someone who procrastinates when faced with something challenging the open plan office is full of opportunities to keep yourself busy without being actually busy.

Modern Solutions

We often talk about the various ways people work in an office environment and all the solutions available to employers to help their teams stay productive and focused while enjoying the space in which they work.

Office spaces now need to be adaptable and provide employees with a number of flexible options on how and where they can work. Meeting rooms remain popular but are often booked out and take up a lot of room in environments where space is at a premium. We have seen an increase in smaller break out rooms and areas for smaller meetings. We have also seen the emergence of small quiet rooms or areas as designated ‘concentration zones’ where people can be alone with the task at hand.

The evidence

Our colleagues at Morgan Lovell undertook some research in which they asked a thousand people what was important in a work place. They found that space in which to work alone and concentrate was important to more than 75% of respondents; and while many employers profess to be super flexible, two thirds of respondents still had an assigned desk form which to work.

The research even found that almost a fifth of respondents moved away from their desks in order to concentrate at work.

The message to employers is clear – make sure you have designated areas in which employees can work in isolation. This will help with productivity, staff retention and attracting the best talent.

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