Staying Healthy at Work

As one of the leading office fit out organisations in the south of England, we recognise that a great office isn’t just about the latest technology and materials, innovative furniture and great décor. It’s all about the people. So, the health and wellbeing of those who use office spaces is of paramount importance, both in terms of team morale and productivity. You may remember we looked at health and well-being at work our blog “Should you be standing at work?

In the modern workforce, many people spend more time in front of their computer/laptop at the office/or at home than they do relaxing in front of the television. So it’s easy for things to get a little messy and to forget about looking after themselves.

We’ve put together some simple tips to keep fit and healthy while working in an office environment.

Drink enough water

We’re all guilty of not doing this. This is more of a general life recommendation than a specifically work-related one. Staying hydrated is essential for brain function so make sure you keep a bottle of water on your desk as a constant reminder to drink. Drinking water can also reduce the desire to snack and, if water is a little dull for you, why not add lemon or cucumber to make it a bit more interesting.

Tidy your desk

Make sure your workspace is tidy. A clean and tidy desk will keep distractions to a minimum and help you to find what you need quickly. Make sure you tidy your desk before leaving the office in the evening; it will help you to feel more organised and ready for the day ahead when you return in the morning.

Pack your own lunch

We don’t mean simply take instant noodles to work. Making your own lunch tends to be a far healthier option and can also save you money in the long run. Most offices now have eating areas equipped with facilities for you to store and heat up your lunch. You can batch cook at home, bring your lunch to work and could save hundreds of pounds a month.

Healthy Snacks

Everyone likes to dip into the biscuit tin and attack the treats table – and there always seems to be a birthday cake in the office. Make sure you keep some healthier snacks handy for when you need something to keep hunger at bay. Fresh fruit, nuts or crackers will help you avoid the sugar crash which comes with cake and biscuits. Try a little dark chocolate to satisfy your sugar craving.

Take a break

Make sure you take regular breaks from your screen. Staring at a screen can be hard on your eyes, so make sure you look away from your screen for at least twenty seconds every twenty minutes. Perhaps take your screen break to stand up and move around, your muscles need to be stretched and active to avoid stiffness. If you can, maybe spend 10 minutes in the fresh air at lunch time to help clear your mind and refresh you for the next part of the day.

Sleep well

Make sure you get enough sleep (not at the office). This will boost energy and concentration levels. Sometimes stress can make sleep impossible,  a good workout can help with this, or you could even read a book or listen to music – anything which is removed from work to relax your mind before settling in for the night.

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