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Staying Connected in 2021

After almost a year of Covid-19 related lock downs we’re all well-versed in the ways of working remotely. Perhaps yours is one of the businesses which has had remote functionality for a number of years or maybe the pandemic has forced your hand. Either way, this last 12 months has been the most disruptive to businesses around the world in living memory.

Now, with 2021 starting with yet another lock down we take a look at how businesses can stay connected with their staff members while everyone is working remotely. As a leading commercial office fit-out firm we see a range of approaches when it comes to keeping the team connected.

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Virtually Getting Together

We’ve made no secret of our dislike for having meetings for the sake of meetings during normal working circumstances. Using meeting rooms in order to have conversations which could be covered in a quick conflab by the coffee machine can disrupt your working momentum.

However, now that we are all working apart, the quick chat has been demoted to an instant message and we’re having less human interaction than ever before. The team meeting has now changed format and purpose.

Zoom and MS Teams is great for the formal team meetings, and it’s also perfect for checking up on how your teams are coping in general. This kind of informal get together can boost your employees’ morale and really help with their mental health. We’ve even heard of teams getting together on a video conference for a glass of wine or a beer after office hours on a Friday.

In these unprecedented times, working from home can feel isolating and so a quick call and some virtual eye contact among colleagues can really benefit everyone’s mental health. Try and factor in a regular catch up to keep morale high.

Bring the positivity

Positivity in times like this is in short supply, so it’s important as an employer or team leader to bring levity and positivity to a conversation as much as possible. Seize upon any glimmer of good news and celebrate it.

Whether you are sharing good news from within the business or something more personal, these are the things that connect us and, by proxy make us feel good. If you are receiving great feedback from clients, now is the time to share it with everyone and take the time to celebrate your achievements.

Essentially, any way you can find to inject a little positivity into the conversation will be hugely appreciated by your team. Before you know it, you’ll be back in the office catching up by the coffee machine.

A couple of tips

Communication – There are few things in life and business more important than communication. When we communicate at work, it’s not all business talk; as humans we need social interaction and our natural rhythm of conversations sways between professional and personal. With that in mind, set a precedent to demonstrate that your teams know that your Skype, MS Teams or Zoom applications can be used to chat and to catch up and are not solely for business talk.

Training – Just because we’re all working remotely, that doesn’t mean that our professional development should suffer. There are thousands of webinars and training opportunities with which to engage. In the last decade most office-based training is conducted remotely and so resources are easy to find. Find an appropriate provider and ask your teams to identify anything they might think is relevant. This will show that you are still invested in your staff, improve their morale and motivate them to perform.

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