Returning to work safely

No matter where you live or work it seems that everyone in the country has been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in some way. We have seen some unprecedented things occur, from policing people to stay home all the way to real financial support for businesses from the government.

It seems that while we may be through the worst of this wave of infection, there is still a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about how life will continue once the lockdown is fully lifted.

As an employer the welfare of your staff will be high on your priority list; not just in order to get business up and running at full capacity again, but also to try and restore some semblance of normality to everyone’s lives.

There are some practical actions you can take when getting ready for your workforce to return to your workspace.

Develop Hygiene Procedures

When it comes to cleanliness in the work place there are few better ways to stop the spread of infection than wiping surfaces and washing hands. Encourage people to follow the government’s guidance on hand washing and hygiene – extra signage in communal areas will help. Provide hand sanitiser around the workplace and ensure that regularly touched with a high frequency of cleaning for busy areas.

Enable people to work from home

Your business might already be equipped to enable your staff to work remotely, but now might be a good opportunity to formalise things. Research suggests that people who can work from home tend to work an extra 2 days a year compared to those who don’t. They also have increased productivity levels and more loyalty to their employer. If you went in to the lockdown you will have realised that this is an important part of disaster-proofing your business and need to take measures to safeguard your business for the future.

Social Distancing

Where possible you should maintain 2m between people by avoiding sharing workstations and making sure there is plenty of signage to remind people of the protocol. You can even use floor tape or a one way system to help people navigate the office safely. It is also advised to avoid having guests into the office and try to conduct any meetings using video conferencing.

Communicate with your team

This might not be applicable to everyone but if you can find out more about your teams’ concerns for returning to work it will give you a good place to focus on when putting your plan together. Make sure that the lines of communication are open and you share your plans with your staff; this will give them peace of mind when it comes to returning to the workplace.

It is very likely that we will need to be mindful of social distancing for a few months before things can return to normal, but making a few small changes in your workplace can make a huge difference to the safety and well-being of your staff and your business.

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