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People are desperate to get back to the office

In light of the Prime Minister’s announcement (22/02/2021) to begin easing the lockdown restrictions this month with the reopening of schools, it’s time to look at what that means to those of us returning to the office.

For many people working from home full-time has been a pleasurable experience; but for others it has come with increased stress and more challenges than normal office life.

For employers with premises, now could be the perfect time to update your office to accommodate your teams ready for your employees’ return. If you would like to speak to a member of our expert team about your requirements, make sure you get in touch on 01344 303504 or email us.

Raring to return

According to news reports and in our daily interactions with employers, employees and our peers, we’ve found that there are a great many people who have been left feeling fatigued from working from home on a full-time basis.

In the first phase of lockdown during the spring/summer of 2020, the weather was glorious and people suddenly found themselves with much more free time and the flexibility of working from home was refreshing. Like all things that feel short-term there was a “make the best of it” mentality spreading across the country.

However, as we approach the end of the third period of lockdown the novelty has well and truly worn off and the desire for a return to routine is pressing hard for a large proportion of the workforce.

Missing the old norm

This fatigue and increasing need to return to work as ‘normal’ has been brought about by a number of factors.

Parents who are working full-time from home have also been responsible for home schooling their children which, by all accounts, is no mean feat. The pressure of juggling work and home school has been well documented on social channels and in the general media and so children returning to school on 8th March 2021 (correct at time of writing), will be a welcome relief and a major milestone in the return to normality.

While home schooling has had an impact on those with families; much of the workforce have simply become fatigued with the isolated nature of working from home full-time. People have reported missing the simple things, like the day-to-day interaction with colleagues in their office environment; even something as boring as popping to a coffee shop during a break, getting their hair cut and being able to do the bits and pieces they took for granted pre-pandemic.

What is the new normal going to look like?

The truth is, nobody knows. Industry forecasters have suggested that office occupancy, especially in cities, could return to something similar to pre-pandemic numbers, with more flexibility being built into the employee offering. We are likely to see more of a balance between working from home and being office based, however, the split will vary from sector to sector. The Government’s roadmap for ending the Covid-19 restrictions has recommended that people in England continue to work from home where possible; at least until 21st June 2021 when legal limits on social contact will (hopefully) be lifted.

If you are hoping to welcome back your employees soon, now could be the perfect time to prepare your office space for the new normal.

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All dates correct at the time of writing.

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