Office Trends 2020

The modern workplace is constantly evolving, trends come and go but one of the longest standing focuses has been on the happiness of the employee. Providing your team with the right tools, technology and environment can massively benefit your business by attracting and retaining talent as well as improving productivity levels.

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We take a look at some of the biggest trends in office design in 2020.

Natural Light

While this isn’t necessarily a ‘trend’ more a basic human requirement, it has grown increasingly more important in the workplace. People are drawn to natural light and can contribute hugely to your employees’ well-being, productivity and happiness. We try to incorporate as much natural light as possible into any design. Thinking creatively to optimise the existing natural light in a building and complementing it with modern smart lighting technology.


We talk about sustainability a lot, and this trend doesn’t look like its going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s more like to become standard practice in the workplace. We take time selecting materials and furniture for our projects in order to ensure high levels of sustainability. While the benefits of using sustainable materials are much the same as those less eco-friendly, the PR and Corporate Responsibility benefits are countless. People want to do business with, and work for companies who take the environmental crisis seriously.

Retro Styling

Whether you’re talking fashion or interior design, retro styling continues to be a mainstay in the world of office design – especially in the creative industries. We are seeing an increasing number of old buildings being re-purposed into office blocks, and while businesses require the latest technology, they often also want their interiors to reflect both their brand and the nostalgia of their premises. This means upcycling and recycling of old furniture to fit a retro look within the building. It adds character and personality to your office space and helps you to tell your story.

Death of the Boardroom

The biggest room in an office is usually reserved for a traditional boardroom. This hasn’t changed for decades, but we are seeing them being used less and less. With more informal, stand up meetings and break out spaces the big room is becoming obsolete. Add to this the fact that more people work remotely than ever before means we are likely to see more creative ways of utilising the boardroom space. Technology like retractable wall systems can make this a multipurpose area which can be modified to fit the needs of the business.

Third Space Usage

The term ‘third space’ refers to more unconventional areas in which people could work. This could be anything from corridors or a quiet space in a stair well; it sounds mad, but with space at a premium – especially in the city – we’re seeing more and more people utilising every square inch of their premises. With technology making it possible to work ‘anywhere’ and people finding different ways to be productive, these spaces are likely to emerge as productive alcoves. Watch this space.

Other office trends to keep your eye out for
  • Mindfulness is an important topic in the wider world but we think companies will start to create spaces for concentration, study/research and quiet time + reflection.
  • Outdoor working spaces – yes, even in the UK – will become more commonplace.
  • Reception Hospitality – this is more of a subtle change but it has been happening over the last few years. Reception areas becoming more of a concierge area where guests can wait for their appointment in comfort.
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