Office Fit-Out – Cat A or B?

Like any specialist industry, the world of office fit-out is choc-full of jargon and it can be intimidating to enter a conversation and feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Well, we are here to help. As the leading commercial office fit-out firms in Berkshire and the Home counties we take our responsibility seriously when it comes to guiding our clients through the decision-making process.

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Office fit-outs come in a variety of styles but the main two classifications are Category A and Category B (Cat.). These categories refer to the level and type of works carried out for the developer or tenant.

Category A fit-out

A Category A fit-out will be appropriate when a landlord or developer leave an office as an empty shell which meets industry standards and regulations. Generally, this level of fit out is commissioned by landlords, as it includes the installation of a building’s mechanical and electrical services. A Cat A project will also include finished internal walls, reception areas and lift lobbies.

A Cat A fit-out has all the basic elements required to function as an office space; it will appeal most to tenants who wish to create their own customised space. A blank canvas will be easy to sell to a tenant looking to represent their brand and format their workspace in a specific manner.

Cat A fit-out work tend to include things like functioning air conditioning, toilets, lighting and basic fire detection systems. They can also include raised flooring for electrical access and grid ceilings ready for finishing. At the Cat A stage all Health and Safety issues are dealt with – including Building Regulations to environmental compliance.

Category B fit-out

This is a more complete level of office fit-out; this shapes the space into the tenant’s requirements. A Cat B fit-out ensures that the workspace accommodates employees through design and the use of the right furniture for the office. Focusing on design and decoration, Cat B fit-outs create ambience and items specific to the business’ function and the tenant’s requirements.

Cat B fit-outs have almost endless possibilities and enable the client to fully customise their workspace to suit their brand and business function. Typical works can include things like door and floor finishing, specialist lighting, office furnishings and décor. It can also include things like the IT infrastructure, design and décor of kitchen, reception and meeting rooms.

A Cat B fit-out transforms the space into a unique office space designed to the client’s specific needs. Some landlords will require that the office return to a Cat A fit-out at the end of the lease; this is usually included as a clause in the tenancy agreement.

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