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The modern day workforce is demanding, adaptable and fluid. That means that modern office design must be able to cope with anything their daily users throw at them. Here, at Asset Office Interiors, we take pride in fitting out offices to the highest standard, so whether you are catering for high levels of foot traffic, looking for an innovative layout to promote creativity or fitting out a flexible and fun workplace; make sure you get in touch with a member of our expert team who will be glad to talk you through your options.

So what exactly makes a good modern office? We’re going to take a look at a few things you might want to consider when putting a scheme together to get the best out of your workforce.

Atmosphere of productivity

The design of your work space plays a huge part in how your workforce behaves. Every employer wants their staff to enjoy coming to work but how do you promote high levels of productivity. It’s simple really; make sure your employees are as comfortable as possible while they work. Things like ergonomic furniture and customisable work space to cater for the differing personalities and functions makes all the difference.

Stale air and shadowed corners are a thing of the past. Natural light and fresh air will keep your staff healthy and alert. If you are unable to gain access to natural light then you should look at installing a lighting system which helps to reduce eyestrain.

Go Green

The current generation of employees is more environmentally conscious than ever before. Using sustainable materials and ethical products will help your staff feel empowered that they are helping the environment.

Why not bring some greenery into the office? Integrating a little bit of nature, in the form of plants and innovative topiary can really pick up the mood. We’ve seen some offices install ‘living walls’ as a feature – these walls look great, are a great conversation point and help to reduce pollutants and filter the air.

A Collaborative Approach

Depending on your business, you might want to create some collaboration stations. These are generally communal areas in which people from different departments can get together and work collaboratively and creatively. They promote face to face, productive discussions rather than lengthy email threads.

Collaborative working areas lead to better inter-team relations and encourage your staff to support each other – which is great for productivity levels. Group work is a huge part of modern business and the latest generation of young working professionals are well-versed in problem solving in teams – it’s an important skill to nurture.

Quiet Time

In a world of bots and automation we sometimes forget that we are only human and that it’s as important to have quiet areas in the office as it is to have collaborative spaces. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from your desk to change the scenery or read or even just grab a bite to eat. Many offices now have a no eating at your desk policy – so make sure there are quieter, well-equipped areas in which your employees can take a break.


The latest generation of workers coming in to the workplace are more tech-savvy than ever so, equipping your office space with the latest tools and gadgets to help them achieve their goals is important. Simple changes like the phasing out of desktop PCs and the supply of tablets and laptops will enable them to work flexibly and to their full potential.

Ultimately, providing a great modern work space is a simple procedure, you simply need to listen to your employees’ requirements and preferences and make sensible decisions about how to ensure a productive and profitable environment for all involved.

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