Maintaining your mental health while working from home

Whether you work from home in the long term or have been forced to set up your home office by the COVID-19 lockdown, you may have noticed that the changes in your routine have had an impact on your mental health. If you are struggling to focus on your workload, make sure you read our tips for working from home, we have also put together some ideas to help you maintain your mental health during this difficult time.

Remember, to follow the advice provided by The Department of Public Health and the Government and we will all be back to a new normal soon enough.

The Challenges

You might live alone and being stuck at home with just your own company and workload can make you feel rather isolated – you need to find some additional stimuli to keep you motivated.

You may live with your partner or family which can be just as challenging for the opposite reason to being alone. Setting boundaries can be difficult especially when children are involved and the impending house ‘admin’ list to get through can feel overwhelming.

So how can you conquer these challenges? Whether this is a temporary or permanent arrangement you’ll need to equip yourself with coping mechanisms to help maintain your mental health.

Segment your Day

It’s likely that every day is blurring into one. This ‘groundhog day’ feeling can be really disorientating and the monotony of the same thing every day can have a detrimental effect on your motivation and energy levels.

By segmenting your day you can refresh without even realising it. You could take fifteen minutes away from your desk to do a light workout, walk around your home, do some tidying or cleaning before heading back to work. Anything involving movement that helps you disconnect for a few minutes will help to clear your mind.

Stay in Touch

Humans are social animals and staying in touch with friends and extended family (beyond your household) is extremely important. Whether you live alone or with your family make sure you stay connected with your friends.

Technology can really help with this. Using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom to video chat with friends helps you to have a break from your day to day conversations within your household. Many people in the UK have been putting together virtual Pub Quiz nights to help them stay connected and have those social interactions they’ve been missing.

Create a Routine

Structure and routine enable us to know exactly what we’re supposed to be doing and when, it means that we can remain focused on what we need to achieve. Try to create a routine which you can stick to every day. That doesn’t mean trying to stick to the 9-5 of an office job but have a system whereby you wake up at a specific time, get ready and arrive at your desk ready to take on your day’s work.

This doesn’t mean that you have to work for the whole time you are up, but getting that good start to the day can help with productivity and making sure work gets done before taking some down time for yourself throughout the day.

After the first few days of keeping to a routine it will start to feel much more natural. Sleep patterns are an important factor in the building of an effective routine.

Build in some exercise

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to miss exercise. Many of us exercise without realising it. That walk to work or the sandwich shop during your normal working day counts as exercise. So make sure you bring an element of exercise into your routine. We are all allowed out to parks and public areas to exercise so take advantage and use this time to clear you head.

Whether it’s getting on your bike and heading out for an hour or simply walking around your neighbourhood, the fresh air will help you to reset and get back to work with new enthusiasm or you could even bookend your day with some exercise to give yourself something to look forward to.

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