Reduce plastic usage at work

How to reduce your plastic use at work

Single use plastics have been a mainstay in the news now for a few years and have been an environmental issue for considerably longer. Back in 2018 the Houses of Parliament brought in a new range of biodegradable products to replace their single use plastics. They stopped selling water in plastic bottles which instantly meant 120,000 fewer bottles in circulation every year.

Let’s be honest, if Parliament can do something like that then it must be achievable in your workplace too. You don’t even have to be the boss to implement some of our tips on how to reduce your workplace’s plastic use.

The Humble Biro

Try swapping out your disposable Biro pens for something a little more eco-friendly, like a refillable pen or a pencil. We’re not suggesting everyone uses fountain pens (with plastic cartridges), but there are a number of great refillable alternatives.

Not only is a refillable pen more eco-friendly but they’re less disposable. How many times have you misplaced your plastic Biro and just got a new one from the box rather than searching for it. A refillable one might feel a little more permanent in your life.

Recycling drive

One of the best ways to future proof your office is to make sure that you are recycling regularly. Taking control of your waste can have a big impact on the environment; making sure there are plenty of recycling points throughout your premises will naturally encourage people to make smart choices. It can’t hurt to incentivise a recycling drive either.

Your External Partners

As part of your drive to be more conscious of your waste, plastic usage and the environment in general, make sure that you work with suppliers and partners who share these values. Lowering your plastic usage and waste isn’t something you only do in-house; it can extend to your external contractors and suppliers.

Not just a place to chat

One of the biggest contributors to plastic waste across the globe is that of single-use water bottles. A simple shift to a water cooler or filter tap can eradicate the need for people to buy mineral water in plastic bottles. Offering up branded or personalised reusable bottles will encourage people to stay hydrated without the need for more plastic waste. If a water cooler is the way forward for you, make sure to stay away from plastic cups and supply paper (recyclable) cups or glasses.

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