How to get things done at work

Our Office Life series of blogs looks at issues people face when working in an office as well as some hacks to help you survive the many pitfalls of working in an office. This time around we’re looking at productivity and how you can get things done when surrounded by more distractions than ever before.


Being ‘productive’ and ‘working fast’ are often confused – they are not the same thing. You can work on things that don’t really matter or you can tackle the jobs that matter. Plan your day, place the most important task at the top of your to-do list and make sure you at least achieve that! Once you’re done, then you can tackle the smaller tasks as a bonus.

Time Management

If you have a bigger project to work on which might not result in something tangible in the short term, make sure you schedule in some thinking time. The folks at Google call this ‘Maker Time’ and is a block of ‘busy’ time which is set aside for working creatively and solving problems without desk intruders.

Hit that Red X

It’s so easy to get ‘blackholed’ on the internet. One minute you’re researching something work related and the next you’re halfway through a YouTube video on how to get a perfect soft-boiled egg! The trick here is to banish those distractions – if you need to concentrate – close your web browser entirely, if you have emails popping up and distracting you, close your emails for an hour – you’ll be surprised how much you can get done.

It’s OK to say No

Most of us, by our very nature want to help. So if a colleague asks for assistance the likelihood is you’ll offer your time to give them a hand – even if that puts you under pressure to hit a deadline. While this altruistic act might be appreciated, it might end up causing you far more stress. Make sure you put your work first – especially if what you are working on has higher priority.

Avoid meetings

That’s not to say “don’t attend meetings”, what we mean is don’t have meetings for the sake of it. There is a time and a place for meetings and they should be planned and structured in order to achieve a specific outcome. We recommend putting together an agenda and sticking to it. Before calling a meeting, make sure you have evaluated all other avenues you could take to achieve your desired goal.

Relax and Connect

Many of these pointers might sound like we’re recommending that you work like a robot. That’s not it at all, it’s about finding a balance. It’s highly important to be social and connected at work but equally so it’s important to know when to collaborate and when to work alone. Make sure you pick up on your teams’ cues, and come to an understanding around your work ethos.

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