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Creating an agile working environment

When it comes to buzz words in our industry there aren’t many more influential than the word “agile”. We even talk about it in some of our other articles. Workspace agility is becoming more and more common, with employers adapting to their policies in order to get the best out of their workforce. If you are thinking about making alterations to your office and would like to speak to a member of our team make sure you give us a call on 01344 303504 or email us.

Agility in the workplace

Generally, people know what they need to do in order to get their workload done. Every employee will have different methods which help them through the day and creating an agile working environment is the best way to embrace your employees’ individuality and improve their productivity. These factors also contribute to the health, well-being of your staff and let them feel listened to and appreciated. Happy staff = greater productivity.

So what does ‘agile’ look like?

An agile working space is a far cry from the open plan layout surrounded by meeting rooms. Gone are the days when people are ‘chained’ to their desks and conversations occur in hushed tones so as not to disturb your neighbour.

An agile working environment is designed in zones. Each zone has a different function; there might be quiet areas for when you need to concentrate, a meeting area, group working area and even a recreation or relaxation area for when you need five minutes to gather your thoughts.

Structuring your office in this way gives employees the freedom and flexibility to work smarter and faster.

Functional space

This is all about creating the right space for the right task. Break out zones can be furnished with coffee tables for spontaneous group work, your team can sit/stand together in order to problem solve and achieve a goal. Marker boards and collaborative work tools can make this a great place to brainstorm ideas and gives people the opportunity to get out from under their desks.

Quiet spaces are just as important. An area with enclosed booths gives people a place to work on specific tasks away from distractions. They can be used for 1-to-1 meetings or to take confidential calls. These quiet spaces are ideal for those looking to focus on what they are doing.


Another word which is often used in the same sentence as ‘agility’ is ‘adaptability’. When creating your new agile working space our focus is always on fluidity. As business changes, so do the demands of your teams; this means that in 6 months’ time you could need to make more changes to your workspace.

That’s why when designing and building agile working environments, we ensure that everything can be adapted and interchanged. If the break out area is too close to a thoroughfare then it can be moved to another zone. If Dave from accounts has a bad back and needs to work differently, he can use the standing desk.

Being agile in your work ethos will benefit your business in a number of ways. New recruits and the best talent want to work in the most modern of environments providing an agile working environment will make talent retention a breeze.

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